Sell Juice Plus+ products in 26 countries, all online from your own home.

It’s time to get paid based on your effort and outcomes, at whatever level of commitment you are prepared to invest. There are no additional fees, you just need to renew yearly.

Not only will you be running your own business, but you’ll also join a community of people excited to inspire healthy living around the world. We’re not divided by glass ceilings, age, race or status, only by our passion for helping others. 

Advantages of Owning a Juice Plus+® Independent Virtual Franchise®

Selling Juice Plus+ is the perfect independent part-time business, whether you’re already out in the work force or working full-time with your children at home.

There are many advantages to owning your own Juice Plus+® Independent Virtual Franchise. Here’s a few:


Low Investment, Low Risk, Low Overhead


No “bricks & mortar.” No need to purchase product inventory. You or your customer place the order and we ship Juice Plus+® directly to your customers.

Built Around The Way You Live


Build the Juice Plus+® Independent Virtual Franchise around your life - not vice versa.

Part of the Rapidly Growing Health & Wellness Industry


Health and nutrition are quickly becoming a top consumer priority in the 21st century.

3 Steps to Become a Juice Plus+® Franchise Partner

Get started growing your Juice Plus+® Business with three simple steps.

Step 1: Training from our support team


Becoming a Juice Plus+ Franchise Partner begins with experiencing the health benefits of Juice Plus+ products firsthand and embracing added fruit and vegetable nutrition.

Step 2: Submit an application


Once you’ve embraced a healthier lifestyle, let your Juice Plus+ Franchise Partner know of your interest in becoming a Juice Plus+ Business owner. They can help you submit your application and fee.

Step 3: Follow our proven system


Growing your Juice Plus+ Independent Virtual Franchise is simple with the help of your Juice Plus+ Independent Virtual Franchisee and our corporate support team. You’ll soon be inspiring healthy living throughout your community.

Find out more about Juice Plus+® Partner Support